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Plans & Pricing

Try - A - Tri

Curious about Triathlon and want to have a go?

We use the comfort of a leisure centre for these 1-day tasters that'll soon have you hooked and ready to move to the next step in our sport.

Sprint & Standard Plans

You could go from zero to Sprint in just 6 weeks, depending on your current fitness levels.

We'll analyse your sport history and fitness before setting a realistic and achievable goal, guiding you all the way to the start-line.

€20 per week*
Middle and Long (70.3 & Ironman)

It's good to bring some experience and fitness to this level, the more the better, but there's nothing to stop a complete beginner jumping into the deep end.

A training plan at this level is measured in months rather than weeks and the duration depends on your starting fitness.

€80 per month*
*Both of these plans carry a €50 set-up fee. Monthly fees are due on the last Friday of every month
       Choosing and Paying for your Plan

Not sure what's right for you?  Contact Us HERE and we'll help you choose.

Try-A-Tri is a set price and can be paid by EFT, PayPal, Card or Cash at time of booking

Sprint and Standard distance plans must be paid in full at time of signing up

For longer-term plans, the €50 set-up fee must be paid at booking along with first month's fee. Monthly fee is due on the last Friday of each month of the plan and can be paid using any of the above methods.

* Facility charges for gym/pool use and travel expenses may occasionally apply but will always be defined beforehand

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